Drapes of Joy, Inc.
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Cleaning Process

All window treatments and upholstered furniture are unique. Our Specialists are experts in cleaning difficult and fragile materials that need special care. They inspect each fabric carefully to select the best cleaning method.


STEP 1   A drop cloth is placed around the area being
                                                          cleaned to prevent any damages to your home
                                                          or furnishings. The window is then covered in
  plastic to protect any overspray. 
STEP 2 The material is hand vaccumed to remove
                                             any outer-lining soil. 
STEP 3 The material is then pre-sprayed to 
    extract stains and dirt.
STEP 4 We use our high-powered machines to fully
   cleanse the material. This machine sprays and
   extracts soil from the material at the same time to
                                 expunge stains and soil that is deeply rooted within
   the material.  
STEP 5 The material is then hand cleaned with a
     cloth to ensure that all soil was removed.
                                All hardware and cords will be wiped down.